Play Sound Event

This event allows you to enrich your 3D scenes by adding a background music or by playing different sounds when interacting with objects.

Here's how to add sounds to your 3D objects:

  1. Select the object that you want to add a sound event. If you want to add a background music you can create an empty group object.
  2. On the Events panel, add a new event and select Play Sound from the dropdown menu.
  3. You can select one of the sounds from the library or upload your own.
  4. The following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Interaction - You can Stop or Pause a sound that is attached to another object.
  • When - Select any Mouse/Key event if you want the sound to be triggered when interacting with the object. Or select Start if you want to add a background music.
  • Sound File - .mp3 or .wav formats, max 2MB.
  • Toggle - Define if you want to add a toggle behavior to your object to Stop or Pause the sound.
  • Volume - Controls the volume of the sound.
  • Delay - Controls the delay of the sound.
  • Loop - Define if you want the sound to play once, infinitely, or set the number of times to be played.
  • After - If you selected Start you’ll have an additional option to select the input. That’s because in browsers the only way a sound can be executed is when there’s an interaction from the user. You can define if you want the sound to start playing after any Mouse input, Keyboard input or both.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to mix sounds with interactions with Spline:

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