Creating your first scene


If you haven't downloaded Spline yet, get it at

Getting started with Spline is easy!

How to create a new file

  1. From the main view, there are two ways to start a new file.
    1. On the top left right by your name, press the "+" icon.
    2. On the "My Files" tab next to search, press the "New File" button.
  2. Once you're inside a new file, it's time to start creating your 3D scene.

Controlling the camera

You can rotate the camera by pressing:

  • Option + Drag on macOS
  • Alt + Drag on Windows/Linux

Check out all the available shortcuts in the link below.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn from the library files

Exploring the Spline Library is a good way of discovering new ways to create 3D content within Spline. From simple static scenes to complex animated ones, you'll find examples that will help you craft your scenes faster.

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