File Sharing

Our first step into a more collaborative workflow on Spline is file sharing.

To share a file you'll need the email of the account you're sharing your file with.

  1. Open the context menu from a file (press right button) and press "Share".
  2. Add the email of the account you're sharing your file with and press Enter. Repeat this step to add multiple emails.
  3. Press "Send" to send a copy of the file to all the emails added.

If you're receiving a file from someone else, make sure to check your Activity tab on your dashboard. A new notification should show up, telling you someone shared a file with you.

Choose if you'd like to accept or decline the shared file:

If declined, the file and notification disappear, so you can keep your activity tab clean.

If accepted, a copy of the shared file will show up on your "My Files" tab, ready to be accessed.

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