Play Settings

The Play Settings let you control a lot of different properties of your scene in Play Mode or when you export your scene.

You can find it by clicking the export button on the toolbar and selecting any of the export options that are affected by these settings like Public URL, Web Content, React Component or Frame Recording.

Here’s an overview of all the settings you can control for your scene.


Select which camera is the main camera for your scene. This is quite useful when collaborating with others, so everyone sees the same final result in Play Mode or when exporting.

Decide if you want to lock movement on your scene by allowing Orbit, Pan and Zoom or not.

Make orbiting your scene smoother with Soft Orbit or sharper by turning it off.


Add an hover effect on your whole scene with the On Hover setting.

It can either Orbit or Pan when hovering.

The sensitivity slider will make the effect stronger or more subtle.


Setting Page scroll to Yes will allow the website to be scrolled. Setting it to No will disabled scrolling. This applies to:

Exporting as Web Content


On the touch settings you can define how many fingers are needed to Orbit and Pan your scene on touch screen devices.


Orbit Limits will force your orbit to be constrained to a specific area of your scene with the starting point being the position of your main camera.

Control the angles up to where the orbit can go in each direction. You can constrain it horizontally, vertically or both.

With a soft limit reaching the end of the constrained area will feel smoother. Choose between Bounce or Ease or disable it for a sharper limit.


Pan Limits behaves very similarly to the orbit limits but in this case you can constrain the panning in your scene.


With Zoom Limits you can choose a minimum and maximum percentage of zoom allowed when interacting with your scene.


Animated Turntable lets you add an automatic rotation to your scene on the Y axis.

Define the speed and direction of the rotation.

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