Collaborate with your whole team knowing that your files are saved in a shared space and always accessible to any member.

Creating a new team

To create your first team, click the ‘Create new team’ button on your left sidebar. You’ll be prompt to give it a name, invite other members, and select a plan.

Changing between teams

After creating your first team you’ll see the team name on the sidebar. Click on it to see an overview of all the projects inside.

To change to another team, press the dropdown button next to the current team’s name. You’ll see a dropdown with all the teams you’re a member of.

Creating a project

On teams, you can create projects to organize your team files by groups like sub-teams, status, type, or anything that suits your team the best.

To create a new project:

  1. Go into the team view and click the ‘New Project’ button on the top
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon next to projects on the left sidebar

Team Settings

You can go into your team settings by going into team view and clicking the ‘gear’ icon on the top right or by clicking on your name on the top left and choosing the team on the settings sidebar.

There you’ll find your team plan, you can change the team name, see all team members or permanently delete your team.

Managing team permissions

Invite new members from the team view by clicking the ‘Invite Members’ button or from the team settings above the members list.

From the members list, you can manage individual permissions or remove members.

The permissions available are:

  • Owner - The member who created the team
  • Editor - A member with full permissions like creating and editing files
  • Viewer - A member who can view all team files and view files inside the editor.

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