Modeling Tools

The modeling tools (introduced in Spline Beta) enable you to edit geometries to create more complex shapes.

To edit a geometry, press Smooth & Edit from the Shape panel in the right sidebar. After this, the object will be now converted into a subdivision surface.

You can Extrude, Inset, or generate Edge Loops:

You can add Loop Cuts and use the Slide Tool to reposition the edges:

Also, you can modify and dissolve vertices (points), faces (polygons), or edges (lines):

Finally, you can fill holes by selecting the edges:

The following parameters can be adjusted under the settings menu:

Extrude & Inset Mode - Controls if the selected geometry will be extruded or insetted grouped or individually.

Extrude Direction - Controls the direction of the edges when extruded.

Selection Side - You can specify which side should be affected (both or front only).

Selection Mode - You can change the selection mode and adjust the radius of the paint selection

Hole Filling - You can specify if the geometry of filled holes will be Flat, Curved or Ngon.

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