Depth Layer / 3D Gradient

The Depth Layer (3D Gradient) lets you create gradients in the 3D space. You can control the stops of the gradient and edit the gradient from the viewport itself.

You can simulate light effects, create fake lighting and shadows, create variations of colors, or even simulate light dispersion effects, like you’d see with the light of a candle (also called Sub-Surface Scattering).

Depth Origin can be set to:

  • Vector → depth defined in the world space.
  • Camera → depth is influenced by the camera distance and angle.

Blending can be se to:

  • Linear → for a linear transition between the set colors.
  • Smooth → for a smoother transition between the set colors.

Adding and adjusting gradient stops

To add a new gradient stop, you can do so from the right sidebar by clicking anywhere on the ramp or by clicking between any of the already existing points on the viewport controls.

Removing Gradient Stops

To remove one of the stops, click and drag down until you see it outlined in red and the cursor change. Alternatively click to select it and hit delete on your keyboard.

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