Mouse Toggle Event

This property allows you to easily reverse the animation of an event so each time you use a mouse or key event it’s going to switch from one state to another. This is useful to create interactions like toggle buttons.

Test it! Press the switch above 👆

Here’s how to use the Toggle setting in Mouse and Key events:

  1. Select the object that you want to add the Toggle Event.
  2. On the States panel, add a new state - That will be the clicked state of the object, you can change the position or how it looks accordingly.
  3. On the Events panels, add one of the following events: Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Key Down or Key Up.
  4. Enable the Toggle parameter - That will enable to do the reverse once the object is clicked.
  5. On the Object property select the object with the toggle event.
  6. On the State property select State - That’s the one you just created is step 2.
  7. That’s it - Enter Play Mode to test.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make an interactive 3D switch with Spline:

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