Exporting as GLTF

GLTF is an open-source file format for 3D scenes and models developed and maintained by the Khronos Group.

  1. Once you're happy with your scene, press the Export button on the toolbar.
  2. Select ".gltf" from the Type dropdown.
  3. Choose “Single Color” or “Color & Texture” and click Export.

Single Color → Exports the scene with a single color material.

Color & Texture → Exports the scene with material layers, including textures.

Some material layers are not fully supported by the GLTF format.
Exporting GLTF with Color & Texture is a paid feature, you’ll need to have an active Super or Super Team subscription to use it.

You can later import the GLTF into other 3D, AR or VR software.

👉 Next Steps

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