Understanding Spline's UI

Below you can see an overview of Spline's UI.


  1. The Tab bar shows your opened files.
    • Press the "+" icon to create new files.
    • Press the button with your name to go back to the dashboard.
  2. The Toolbar provides quick access to the most common objects, transform options, and special modes, like the vector tool or frame mode. We can also see the zoom value, export our scene, or go into presentation mode.
    • Press the "+" icon to see a full list of available objects (parametric objects).
    • Press Transform (the arrow) to move, scale and rotate an object.
    • Press the "Play" icon to access Play Mode.
  3. The Left Sidebar shows your scene's layers or objects. Also known as the Outliner.
  4. The Right Sidebar shows the Property Panels. Each panel lets you change properties from either the whole scene or from selected objects.

Files view

  1. The Navbar lets you create new files and folders to organize them.
  2. The Left Sidebar shows your private files and your teams projects.
  3. The File Browser provides quick access to your most recent files.

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Play Mode