Pen Tool


A vector shape can be edited by double pressing it. Exit the vector editing mode by double pressing anywhere on the viewport or by pressing the ESC key.

The pen tool enables you to create custom 2D shapes in the 3D space. It works in a familiar way to other 2D or UI design tools.

Start by selecting the pen tool on the toolbar and creating the points of your vector shape.

To add a curve to your points you can either Press + Drag while adding a point or use the bend tool (by selecting it on the toolbar or by clicking ⌘ / Ctrl for a shortcut)

The fun part comes when we add extrusion and get to work with a 3D vector shape.

To do so simply go to the shape panel and add extrusion to your shape. Don't forget to also add lighting to your shape on the material panel.

Round Corners

You can also add round corners to the vector shapes!

Bevels (3D Corners)

If you add extrusion to your shape, you can add round corners to the resulting volume (usually called bevels).

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